Welcome to Adeve Digital, where 75% of the team are introverts. As it’s sometimes a tricky environment for the typical extrovert, we’ve asked our resident socializer to share his thoughts on working with his ever pensive team. These are the 5 things Luke, our head of operations, has uncovered.

#1 Introverts Aren’t Great At Starting Conversations

Most of the time, I find myself starting the conversation with my team. I would wish them ‘good morning’ and ask them how their day is. When I run out of topics to talk about, I sometimes repeat my questions. Once, my repeated question got one of them pretty annoyed. It’s safe to say, they naturally don’t start conversations alike the extroverts I know.

#2 Introverts Don’t Do Small Talk

They may not be good at starting conversations, but they can carry a discussion once I initiate. The general misconception is that introverts are quiet people. But after working with them, I realised they’re not. They just prefer deeper topics of discussion. Small talk, alongside my occasional nonsensical jibber jabber, don’t excite them. Asking about where to have lunch can sometimes be a challenge too! However, when a topic is personal, they’ll start paying attention. I believe introverts are great listeners. The most important key in engaging with them is being genuine in conversation – being true to myself.”

#3 Introverts Need Their Space

“Sometimes, they just need their space. Period. Don’t even question why. Just leave them alone.”


#4 Introverts Have An Eye For Detail

“I have to admit, I’m not the most detail-oriented person in the company. There are times where my team would point out my poor sense of detail. And guess what, they’re introverts. They seem to pay more attention to the things most people would overlook. And I know, that without them, things wouldn’t be as smooth sailing as they are now.”

#5 Introverts Know How To Have A Good Time

“Yes, they know how to have a good time. This usually happens when they’ve become comfortable with the group. My team members have teased me and attempted to matchmake me. Occasionally, I’ll find them hijacking my Facebook account with creative posts. Introverts might take a while to adjust, but they’re far from boring people.”

Don’t Change Them. Embrace Them.

“The world would be dull if everyone is the same. So I believe we shouldn’t change introverts but embrace them. More importantly, we should make an effort to get to know and understand them individually. By knowing my team, I can bring the best out of everyone for a smooth operation.”