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A digital business consultancy.

In the early days of Adeve Digital as a digital marketing agency, we noticed that digital marketing had the potential to grow businesses exponentially. However, the majority of small-medium businesses cited that they lost money investing into digital marketing.

We began to notice that the ones who made it in digital marketing had two things that the rest did not have: a strong business positioning and repeatable, scalable and profitable systems.

From this observation, Adeve Digital formulated the 5C Marketing Method. We shifted all our clients from a “digital marketing service” to a “revenue digitalisation journey”. On top of our typical digital marketing efforts, we made every client chart out their goals and plans, redesign how each client communicated themselves and implement systems that span beyond digital marketing.

Everything changed. Our clients started growing consistently. Our success rate soared. We started achieving 7-figure revenues for one client after another and we have never looked back.



To help businesses grow with strength, sustainability and speed.


We are on a mission to help businesses grow better. We strengthen a business’ position by helping them discover who they are, who they serve and how they serve. We sustain business growth by implementing repeatable, scalable and profitable systems. We grow businesses with speed by using the power of digital marketing


Every business we cross paths with is communicated clearly, grown systematically and empowered digitally.

Core Values

We put people first

If there is ever a conflict between the needs of people over profits, process or policy, the needs of the people take priority. We believe in bringing joy and energy to the people around you.

We seek to deliver transformative results

We desire to drive positive change and inspire others to go to another level. We start with the end in mind and ensure everything we do aligns to a clearly-defined objective. We don’t just want to satisfy, we want to help people succeed.

We pursue growth and learning

We believe there is never an ending to upgrading ourselves. We believe that there is something to learn in every situation. We are open to feedback and persist in the face of setbacks. We embrace challenges and put in the effort to achieve mastery.

We believe in work-life harmony.

We believe in work + life, not work vs life. Work isn’t a place we go but it’s a thing we do. The quality of our work is not determined by the number of hours we work or whether we are at the office, but by the results we produce and our alignment with the team.

We lead by serving others

We lead by serving the needs of those we lead. We take full ownership of everything we do. We believe in autonomy that is empowered by trust and accountability. We use good judgement to make decisions (customer > company > self).

We act with integrity

We have a no-door policy - everything can be asked and revealed. We speak the truth and we do not tolerate any dishonesty. We are who we are on the inside as we are on the outside. We take responsibility for what we promise and keep our word.

meet the heroes

Justin Chen

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Chen


Nick Chong

Head of Digital Strategy

Leeyi Wong

Digital Strategist

Zahin Syahiran

Digital Designer

Jessica Chen

Associate Content Writer

Our Founder

In the last 5 years, Justin has helped businesses to discover breakthroughs through business strategy and digital marketing. He has managed over 7-figures in digital ad spend and collectively generated over 8-figures in revenues for his and his clients’ businesses.

He started his journey in business and marketing when his family business lost nearly 50% of its recurring revenue due to an economic crisis. Struggling to make ends meet, he dived into the world of digital business strategy to turn the business around. Today, the business generates 80% of its revenue through digital channels.

Since then, Justin has worked with over 100 small and medium sized businesses in the area of digital marketing. He is also a regional trainer in the area of sales & marketing and a business coach to CEOs in the area of business strategy.

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