Digital Agents of Change


Digital driven,
people first.

We exist to create a world of human-first businesses through digital transformation. We believe that digital transformation is not here to replace people but to empower people to become better citizens of the world.

We do this by creating engaging digital connections between brands and people, equipping business leaders through education on digital business growth and empowering a mindset shift to create truly human businesses through digital transformation.

Why We Exist

Our Purpose

To grow human-first businesses empowered by digitalisation.

What We Want To Achieve 

Our Vision

To see a world of businesses that thrives in creating better lives for people through digitalisation.

What We Are Doing

Our Mission

Create relational brands through strategic digital marketing.
Equip business leaders through education of digital adoption.
Empower a positive impact through advocacy of making peoples’ live better at scale through digitalisation.

What Makes Us

Core Values

Be transformative

Drives positive change and inspires others to go to another level whether in life or work.

Be people-first

Build authentic connections with people around us and places the needs of others over technology, bureaucracy or self.

Be a leader

Takes full ownership of anything entrusted and positively influence people around us.

Be a giver

Always adds value to the people around and goes the extra mile when needed.

Be a learner

Has a growth mindset in believing that there is something to learn in every situation and puts in the effort to achieve mastery.


Our Team

We consist of people who are sold to the vision of creating better lives for people through digitalisation.

Jason Chen


Justin Chen

Executive Director

Bryan Siow

Lead Digital Strategist

Nick Chong

Digital Strategist

Wing Tjun

Digital Strategist

Jeyna Lim

Content Strategist

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Most of our team are self-driven entrepreneurs working together to realise a common purpose, vision and mission. If you have the skillsets required to be part of us but you are not interested in just getting a job – we want you!

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