Lead Generation


Convert strangers to prospects

Online Ad

An advertisement is served to your target audience on Google, Facebook or Instagram. They are targeted by keywords, interests or behaviour.

Stranger Clicks

If the person in your selected target audience is interested in your offer, they will click on your ad and land on a dedicated web page about your offer.

Leads Generated

If they find your offer attractive, they will be presented with a form to claim your offer. Offers can be in the form of free trials, enquiry calls or discounted prices.

Sales Conversion

As leads are generated, your sales team will have a list of warm leads to convert into prospects. Sales will be generated as you follow up with these prospects.


The most effective way to generate sales leads.

Businesses conventionally generate leads through referrals, cold calling and list buying. The core difference between conventional and digital lead generation methods is the heat of the lead. Leads generated via digital marketing are generally warm and have a higher intent to buy as they gave consent to be marketed to.

Our lead generation solutions include:
‎✔ Digital lead generation strategy
‎✔ Social media marketing (Facebook & Instagram Ads)
‎✔ Search engine marketing (Google Ads & SEO)
✔ Landing page development
✔ Offer creation consultation

Businesses Transformed

Success Stories

Case Study 1

Beauty Services

5 outlets located around Klang Valley.

Increased leads by 8x

Source: Snapshot from Google Analytics YE2019 vs YE2018

After analysing the previous digital strategy implemented by another agency, we made a few major tweaks – a more coherent content strategy, higher quality visuals, less priority on Google, increased emphasis on Instagram and closed-loop funnel strategy. With this changes, we managed to increase the leads by 8x with no extra ad spend.

Case Study 2

Fitness Clubs

30 outlets located around West Malaysia.

1000+ leads in 3 weeks

Source: Snapshot from Facebook Ads Manager

A wildly successful fitness club chain who relied on word-of-mouth for their growth in the past five years attempted to implement digital marketing multiple times without much success. When we first launched their campaign, we generated 1000+ warm leads within 3 weeks, triggering them to ask us to stop the campaign as they could not handle the amount of leads coming in. Needless to say, they were impressed at the results we generated and is currently implementing our marketing automation solutions to cope with the management and follow-up of leads.

Case Study 3

Aesthetics Clinic

Local skin & aesthetics clinic in Kuala Lumpur

Won award as top distributor

Source: Snapshot from Facebook Ads Manager

A skin & aesthetics in Kuala Lumpur entrusted us with a lead generation campaign for a brand activation of one of the treatments they offered. We implemented a brand awareness campaign to attract their target audience to click and we strategically retargeted them to enquire more about the treatment. Due to the successful brand activation, the clinic was awarded by their international principal as the top distributor in Malaysia for the treatment among all aesthetics clinics in Malaysia.


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